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Field Guide to Pregnancy: Recipes for the First Trimester

Every pregnancy has highs and lows, moments of bliss, and moments that are less than savory. As your body begins to go through the physical and emotional changes inherent to pregnancy, it might respond with new cravings or surprising aversions to old standby foods, or require some extra nutritional oomph. Caylie See, author of this …continue

Recipes for a Vegan Thanksgiving

Below you’ll find vegan recipes from our cookbooks to help you prepare the perfect Thanksgiving feast. So whether you’d like to add a vegan dish or two to your table or you’re looking for a way to celebrate the holiday without any animal products, you’ll find a combination of sides and entrees to choose from, …continue

Take a Hike Day

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” —John Muir It’s Take a Hike Day! Here at North Atlantic Books, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than foraging for wild plants and mushrooms. With the return of rain this coming winter, the season for mushrooms is just beginning. …continue

3 Herbal Remedies for Indigestion

Brace yourselves: the herbal cure for one of the holiday season’s most unavoidable scourges is here. Even if you’ve been maintaining a well-balanced diet for months in anticipation of stuffing your face with an amazing Thanksgiving meal, indigestion goes hand-in-hand with the decadence of the season. The holidays, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner, are …continue

Recipe Monday: Gluten-Free Appetizers

Thanksgiving is fast approaching—if you haven’t started planning and preparing, now’s the time to start. We’ve selected two of our favorite gluten-free appetizers that are perfect to make in bulk if you’re hosting (or if you want to show up to your friends’ and families’ place with hors d’oeuvres in hand). And, for more inspiration …continue

Curing Diabetes Naturally

More than 25 million Americans contend with the management of Type 2 diabetes. Though for many years it was referred to as a lifelong chronic disease, recent studies have proven that, with the proper combination of diet and lifestyle choices, Type 2 diabetes can go into remission. There Is a Cure for Diabetes offers an …continue