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Healing Earth: A Q&A with John Todd

Here at NAB, we’re always enthusiastic about finding ways to help heal our planet. Since today is Earth Day, we thought there was no better time—and no better person—to advise, encourage, and restore some much needed hope to our environmental efforts. We caught up with John Todd, author of Healing Earth: An Ecologist’s Journey of Innovation …continue

Our Future Imagined: Martin Adams

We continue our blog series exploring how we can make a positive change in the upcoming year by featuring author and economist Martin Adams, whose book Land forces us to rethink the idea of land ownership and conceive of an economic system that would better benefit more people. Through his book and website, he is …continue

Our Future Imagined: Sister Abegail Ntleko

2017 has begun with a country openly divided by political opinions and beliefs. At the same time, new discussions have emerged amongst people of different backgrounds and individuals who are attempting to self-examine their perspectives and biases. We at NAB would like to contribute to the conversation by reflecting with some of our influential authors …continue

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Letter from the Publisher: An Interview with Francis Weller

Not long ago, I had the honor and pleasure of working with psychotherapist Francis Weller on his groundbreaking book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief.  Shortly after North Atlantic Books published the book, The Sun magazine featured an interview I conducted with Francis about grief, death, authenticity, …continue

Bill Schelly on Comic and Science Fiction Visionary Otto Binder

In his captivating new biography Otto Binder, comic book historian Bill Schelly chronicles the professional successes and personal tragedies of the legendary Otto Binder. Credited with being the creator of many beloved superheroes, including fan-favorites Supergirl, Bizzaro, and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Binder captivated the minds of both children and young adults across the country, and around the world. …continue