Publish with NAB

North Atlantic Books is an independent nonprofit press based in Berkeley, California, distributed by Penguin Random House. Since 1974, our books have offered transformative, intersectional, and practical ways of healing individuals, communities, and the planet, and amplifying traditionally underrepresented voices.

Working with NAB, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a dedicated, collaborative team of editors, designers, and publicists, as well as top-tier distribution and sales feedback. We get to know your book inside and out to make sure it reaches the right audience at the right time.

NAB has a diverse catalogue of non-fiction books, and we’re always looking at the edge to bring essential knowledge and awareness to the public. Some of our strongest topics include somatics, sustainability, healing, indigenous cultures and anthropology, psychology and personal growth, engaged activism, and spirituality and liminality. We are an open-minded, grounded, and proven partner that can bring your radical content to the public commons.

“I cannot think of a richer ecosystem for the kinds of stories I want to share with the world than NAB.”

“Well-honed, friendly machine that doesn't feel like a machine but rather a tribe of super intelligent people who know how to publish books. I take deep bows of gratitude to you.”

“This was my first time publishing or writing a book, NAB did a fabulous job of guiding me through the process and answering questions as they came up. I felt incredibly supported throughout every step of the way.”