Emily Boyd

Editorial Director

Emily has been with NAB since 2003, led there by her interest in alternative medicine. An Oakland native, she received her BA in communications from UCLA and her MS in print journalism from Boston University, making a speedy return to the Bay Area after receiving her degree. Prior to NAB, she worked for Red Herring, several dot-com start-ups, and AOL. Emily has written for Los Angeles and 7×7 magazines and enjoys reading actual printed books, walking, and good food and wine. She lives in Oakland with her husband and cat, and feels fortunate to work with so many other cat (and yes, dog) lovers.

Susan Bumps

Senior Director of Organizational Development

Susan began working at NAB in July of 1995, months after she graduated with an MFA in English and creative writing from Mills College. She has also worked for UC Davis Extension, the Inter-Tribal Council of California, and as a writer for The Book of Symbols (Taschen). While at NAB, Susan has performed many jobs including project editor, customer service manager, and production manager. In her free time, she can often be found hiking on Mount Tam with her husband and teenage son.

Drew Cavanaugh

Associate Director of Sales and Distribution

A book publishing professional for more than fifteen years, Drew currently serves as associate director of sales and distribution at NAB. His areas of interest include health and fitness, psychology and personal growth, and somatics. In his current role, Drew oversees NAB’s sales and distribution program in close partnership with their global distributor, Penguin Random House.

Gabby Cazares-Lopez

Marketing Associate

Gabby has lived in the Bay Area her entire life. She received her BA in print/online journalism from SFSU. Gabby interned at NAB in 2019, then worked as a marketing and program assistant in North Oakland. When not working, she enjoys baking and taking her dog on walks.

Emma Cofod

Senior Production Manager

Emma Cofod is a production wiz with 17 years experience at a variety of Bay Area publishers, working on a wide range of subjects and formats, including art books, legal treatise, literary fiction, and multi-component educational curricula. She loves the particulars of prepress as well as the creative chaos of the design process. After hours you can find her pretending it’s still the 90s, riding bikes, camping, gardening, and doing mom-tivities.

Bevin Donahue

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Bevin has worked in publishing since graduating from Syracuse University with degrees in public relations and anthropology. Before coming to NAB in 2014, she worked at New Harbinger, a psychology and self-help publishing house in Oakland, and did HIV testing and counseling in Palm Beach, Florida.

Joe Finlaw

Director of Audio, Technology, and Website Development

Joe has been with NAB since 2012. His role in the company combines two of his favorite interests, technology and books, and he thoroughly enjoys it. Born and raised in southern New Jersey, Joe graduated from Rowan University in 1998 with a radio/television/film degree. He moved to Berkeley a few months later and spent many years working in the independent music industry. Joe spent more than five years working in both marketing and software development for Nolo, an influential DIY legal publisher based in Berkeley. He’s an avid record collector who runs his own independent label called American Dust Records. His favorite books are Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus, Studs Terkel’s Talking to Myself, and Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume One. Joe lives in Alameda with his wife and two daughters.

Gillian Hamel

Senior Editor of Acquisitions and Production

Gillian was born and raised in Northern California. They joined NAB in 2019 to pursue their interest in trauma healing and social and ecological justice; in the years prior, they worked as a poetry editor for Omnidawn Publishing and a freelance editor and book designer. Gillian also released a book of poems, occident, in 2017, and co-publishes a letterpress imprint, speCt! books, with three other poets in Oakland. On the weekends, Gillian can be found biking around the East Bay, eating dim sum, dabbling in music, and writing and playing tabletop roleplaying campaigns.

Jasmine Hromjak

Art Director

Jasmine is a native New Englander who still can’t tell what month it is. Since age two, she hasn’t gone a day without scribbling something on a piece of paper. Today, though her work is much more sophisticated (and digital), she approaches each project with the same enthusiasm and innovation. Since 2005 she has worked in both publishing and agency environments as a designer, illustrator, and art director. She hopes to one day join the Explorers Club and have a late-life career as a professional miniaturist, dioramist, or paleontologist.

Sariah Jimenez

Marketing Assistant

Starting as an intern at NAB in early 2022, Sariah works from Florida and is a student at the University of Central Florida where she is majoring in Creative Writing. She will also receive a certificate in Editing and Publishing. Sariah is an avid reader and writer of dark fantasy and loves learning, exploring, and talking about the work of many Queer and Latinx poets and authors. In her free time, she enjoys going for runs, hoarding houseplants, and sketching.

Shayna Keyles

Associate Director of Acquisitions

Shayna is a New Jersey transplant to the Bay Area who now calls both places “home.” After various stints as a copyeditor, managing editor at a science communications magazine, art teacher, and freelance marketer, she’s found her work at NAB most satisfying and aligned with her values. Outside of work, Shayna can be found experimenting in the kitchen, doodling furiously, playing board games, and exploring anything explorable.

Al Lazard

Accounting and Facilities Manager

Al moved to Oakland in 1986 after studying accounting and music at Southern University of New Orleans. A musician since the age of nine, Al juggled accounting and musical careers, and came to NAB in 2008, where he started out as accounting specialist. His duties gradually expanded to include facilities coordinator. Al enjoys the wide variety of jobs he handles at NAB, including managing office equipment and emergencies, serving as a liaison between company employees and outside contractors, fixing building malfunctions, maintaining all office supplies, responding to staff requests, payroll, mailing, and accounts payables and receivables. He interacts with staff across all departments and is happy to have a job that draws on his versatility and broad range of skills. His love of music is still going strong and he continues to play gigs all over the Bay Area as well as on several extended tours.

Janelle Ludowise

Production Editor

Janelle grew up in the South Bay before briefly moving to Denver, CO, where she earned her BA from the University of Denver and attended the Denver Publishing Institute. After returning to the Bay Area, she interned and worked at several Bay Area publishers before joining NAB in early 2020. Janelle likes hot cups of tea, tap dancing, and public libraries.

Tim McKee


Tim came to NAB in 2013 and is honored to serve as publisher. Born in New York City, McKee grew up in Los Angeles and received a BA from Princeton University and an MA in journalism from the University of Missouri. He has worked in the nonprofit sector for his entire career, including serving as the long-time managing editor of The Sun magazine, the grants director for a social-justice foundation in San Francisco, and as a writer for several community-based organizations in California. He has also taught college-level writing and journalism. His book No More Strangers Now: Young Voices from a New South Africa (Dorling Kindersley) was an Honor Book for the Jane Addams Book Award and a Los Angeles Times bestseller. He is happiest when bringing necessary stories to the page.

Maxie Moua

Rights Assistant

As the Rights Assistant, Maxie helps in providing world access to NAB titles. She achieved a BA in English from UC Berkeley and a MFA in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA). Her own writing centers on the contemporary and futuristic Hmong American experience. She is that curious person who starts multiple projects all at once. A restless and old soul, she has traveled to Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Vientiane, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Trisha Peck

Production Editor

Trisha is from an unincorporated town in the Midwest. She studied painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and English Literature at U.C. Berkeley. Prior to joining NAB in 2019, she was managing editor at Omnidawn Publishing, where she still serves as a freelance editor and book designer. She has also worked as a teacher and in the newspaper advertising industry, including many years at the Los Angeles Times. When she is not immersed in the details of book production, Trisha is writing and exploring the many geographies of the Bay Area.

Michelle Phan


Michelle is a SoCal native who sometimes misses the warm and sunny beaches back home (she is, however, pleased to find that boba shops are in abundance in the Bay). As an undergrad, she was heavily involved with research pertaining to Asian American literature and the Vietnamese American diaspora; she also worked as copyeditor for the campus newspaper, the Daily Nexus. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a B.A. in English, Michelle interned at NAB before becoming an assistant publicist. When she’s not at the office, she is practicing yoga, binging documentaries on Netflix, and attempting to learn how to cook.

Jasmine Respess

Acquisitions Editor

Jasmine Respess is a Florida native who writes poetry and non-fiction about the intersections of their Black, Southern, and Caribbean identities. At New College of Florida, Jasmine spent their undergrad career as a journalist, so they utilize interviews of family members and research in much of their work. Jasmine currently serves as the Lead Editor of Islandia Journal, a South Floridian (sub)tropical journal of myth, folklore, history, ecology, cryptozoology, and the paranormal. They earned an MFA in Poetry from The New School in New York in 2020. They currently live in Coral Gables, Florida with their two dogs and they are an Acquisitions Editor with North Atlantic Books.

Shauna Rinaldi El-Abd

Production Coordinator

Shauna attended university in San Luis Obispo where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication with the aim of finding her place in publishing. Through her coursework, she developed a fascination with production. Before she joined NAB, Shauna managed a vintage resale store in San Luis Obispo where she spent her paycheck buying old books and 70s attire. In her free time, she loves to thrift, write, and go on road trips with her sister and their pup Scout. She has wanted to live in the Bay Area since childhood, and she is so happy to finally call it home.

Julia Sadowski

Senior Publicity Manager

Julia was the Event Coordinator at Books Inc in Berkeley before joining NAB in 2017. She loves working at NAB, and in particular enjoys helping to spread the word about our fantastic books. Also, she enjoys practicing yoga and eating all of the delicious food the Bay Area has to offer.

Sarah Serafimidis

Associate Director of Rights

Sarah first joined NAB in 2000 as customer service manager after finally escaping from an accidental career in medical office management. During her years at NAB she worked as a project editor and contracts assistant before discovering her affinity for foreign rights licensing. Sarah’s favorite part of her work is connecting with people from all over a world that seems so much smaller now. She holds an MA in English literature from California State University, Fresno, and still enjoys a long Victorian novel in addition to titles on health and psychology. Sarah lives with her husband and son in Albany, where she relishes sharing good food and wine with friends and still hopes to find time to play her guitar again and finish just one sewing project.

Emily Shapiro


Emily Shapiro is a Publicist. Before North Atlantic Books, they worked as Event Coordinator for Pop-Up Magazine, and Editorial Assistant for Zoetrope: All-Story. In their free time, Emily writes short stories and reviews, makes and repairs clothing, and forages for plants that can be turned into natural dyes. They also run a queer lending library out of their apartment.

Alla Spector

Senior Director of Finance

Born and raised in the Ukraine, Alla received her BA from Odessa State University in 1986 and has worked in the field of finance ever since. She moved to the U.S. in 1994 and, after working at Ten Speed Press, joined NAB in 2010. She loves finance and accounting and has extensive experience recording and projecting business activity, but what she finds especially rewarding at NAB is the opportunity to shape the financial landscape and to steer the organization toward greater success. Alla enjoys using her talent for paying strong attention to detail, her aptitude for numbers and problem solving, and her role in capturing and analyzing business activities on a daily basis. It is by far the most rewarding position she has had yet. She lives in the East Bay with her husband, daughter, three dogs, and a parrot.

Margeaux Weston

Acquisitions Editor

Margeaux joined NAB in 2022, after working as a freelance editor. During her time in publishing, she wrote several non-fiction books for young readers and helped shape stories for various publishers, including the Big Four. She was also a coach for We Need Diverse Books’ Black Creative Fund program. Margeaux is the non-fiction editor for the Hugo award winning FIYAH Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction. At home, Margeaux enjoys reading, listening to music, and cosplaying Wonder Woman with her busy family of untrained superheroes.

Karen Windham

Inventory Manager and Accounting Associate

A former buyer for Tower Records, Karen cut her teeth booking shows and managing bands in the Washington, DC/Virginia area. When the music business stopped being fun, she moved into publishing where she finds that the BA in psychology she earned at the University of Virginia is amazingly useful when working with the artistic temperament. Karen joined NAB in 2008 where she manages all things inventory, including scheduling reprints with the production department and handling author purchases. She enjoys nothing more than sitting in her sunny California backyard with her dogs, listening to the Ramones and reading a good fantasy/sci-fi book.

With Help From

Elliot Busch-Wheaton

Technology & Operations Services

Since 1997, Elliot Busch-Wheaton has provided technology management and services to Bay Area businesses and nonprofit organizations. His company–Conscious Consulting–is based in Berkeley, where Elliot lives with his family.

Computer Courage

Web Development and Consulting

Computer Courage is a web development agency and IT service provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. NAB and CC have worked together since 2011 to bring NAB’s vision and mission to the community through the web and social media.

Daniel Harrison

Web Development and Data Processing

Daniel Harrison, Founder of WebScale Consulting, has been supporting the data processing activities for NAB since 2014. Daniel has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies in various industries providing services that include software development, project management, data modeling, technical consulting, and more.

In 2010, Daniel moved from North Carolina to Alameda where he lives with his wife and two daughters. He frequents the new restaurants and breweries popping up in Alameda and enjoys traveling the great state of California with his family.

Hisae Matsuda

At-large Acquisitions Editor

Hisae is the publisher at Parallax Press. Born in Japan and raised in England, Hisae got her start in publishing in her twenties with an educational publisher in Tokyo. She liked working with words so much that she continued writing and editing while going on to live in an ashram in India, study meditation in northern Japan, and raise her family in the San Francisco Bay Area. She edited body, mind, and spirit books at North Atlantic Books for ten years 2006–2016 and is back to assist with specific projects. She is the editor of the Parallax Press anthology of quotations Leading with Love, illustrated by Maude White (2018). Hisae acquires and edits books on personal and community healing and transformation and is especially interested in listening to voices that are not usually heard.