Relationship Ground Rules

Every relationship is different. Some people love ground rules and find them super helpful. Other people think relationship ground rules are unnecessary and even punitive—like a chore wheel that gets posted on the fridge and forgotten about until a conflict arises and one partner uses it to point out all the things the other person …continue

Letter from the Publisher

Sometimes book publishing feels like bottling a wild spirit so that it can run free again. The author has surely been on an odyssey before they meet us, from believing in their calling to clocking the mad pursuit into their daily life to breaking through writers’ block and bouts of self-doubt. And once the book …continue

End of Summer Self-Care: A Post-Vacation Yoga Sequence from Lifelong Yoga

Getting reinvigorated after a restful, relaxing time can be especially challenging. This sequence helps you jump back into the flow of movement, offering strength-building poses like lunges and plank. After the deep, muscle-challenging work here, take ample time to rest in a supine twist and then corpse pose. You’ll feel ready to recommit to your …continue

Writing Meditation: Exercise from A Buddhist Journal

  A mindfulness practice can take many shapes, from spending a day in nature to logging time with your favorite meditation app. To get centered before a busy season, we like journaling: it’s a time of careful attunement, self-reflection, and self-expression that we in publishing can always fully endorse! Check out this free exercise from …continue

Having Uncomfortable Conversations

By Kristin Beck and Cristien Storm   Power matters. Whether or not we have it, can access it, how we use (or choose not to use) it, the impacts and collateral effects of power are of tremendous importance. Unfortunately, when someone has power, it is often invisible to them. Having power or agent membership as …continue

Self Care for Activists

One goal of Empowered Boundaries is to expand on mainstream notions of self care, which tend to be centered primarily on individual wellness and personal health. There is nothing wrong with focusing on individual well-being. However, individualist approaches often ignore how deeply interpersonal and interconnected care, healing, and recovery are. When I taught self-defense classes …continue