Excerpt: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re sharing an exclusive excerpt from one of our best-selling and most beloved books ever, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Dr. Gabor Maté. Based on Maté’s decades of experience as a medical doctor and his groundbreaking work with addicted populations in Vancouver, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters …continue

Healing Earth: A Q&A with John Todd

Here at NAB, we’re always enthusiastic about finding ways to help heal our planet. Since today is Earth Day, we thought there was no better time—and no better person—to advise, encourage, and restore some much needed hope to our environmental efforts. We caught up with John Todd, author of Healing Earth: An Ecologist’s Journey of Innovation …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Announcing Our New Board Co-Chairs

A few years ago, a prominent African American social-justice activist visited our office to discuss a potential book collaboration. We had a wide-ranging and fruitful conversation, noting many parallels between her passion for healing and justice and ours for the same. At one point she remarked, “I see you’ve published some authors of color, and …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Black Love Convergence

“Loving blackness as political resistance transforms our ways of looking and being and thus creates the conditions necessary for us to move against the forces of domination and death and reclaim black life.” —bell hooks Dear readers, North Atlantic Books is proud to support the work of the Black Love Convergence. In lieu of our normal …continue

How to Belly Breathe

When it comes to improved digestion, reduced levels of stress, and overall health, the gut is the place to start. But it’s not just about what we put into our bodies. It’s also about unlearning toxic patterns that restrict our oxygen levels, perpetuate stress, and impede whole-body health. According to Allison Post and Stephen Cavaliere, …continue

Letter from the Publisher

Sometimes the collaboration between an author and publisher starts with the tiniest of seeds. Such was the case with Lucinda Herring’s groundbreaking book, Reimagining Death: Stories and Practical Wisdom for Home Funerals and Green Burials. In June 2016 I read a social media post from a close friend of mine. I knew her mother had …continue