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Black History Month

To honor Black History Month, North Atlantic Books is featuring books by Black authors and donating $5 from each sale as well as a $5,000 grant to the Roots Community Health Center in Oakland. Since 2008, the Roots Community Health Center has worked to uplift those impacted by systemic inequalities and poverty. Over the last …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Be the Refuge

I was drawn to Chenxing Han’s Be the Refuge: Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists from the moment I first heard about it.  Book projects come to us from a variety of sources: through our formal submissions process, agents, other publishers, authors, and our own proactive searches and cultivation of leads. Books we end …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Joyous Resilience

Working with Anjuli Sherin on Joyous Resilience made us a better publisher.From a developmental-editing perspective, we learned to listen more deeply. It’s a misperception that editors achieve excellence by being standard bearers. They need to be rigorous and know the best practices of their craft, for sure, but they also need to be fiercely curious about the …continue

2020 Gift Guide

Usually, these kinds of guides are broken down by category: we’ll suggest an on-theme gift for the budding environmentalist, or the right book to give to your herbalist friend. This year, we’re going a little broader. This has been—and forgive us repeating a sentiment we know you’re hearing ad nauseam—a year like no other. A …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Every Breath, New Chances

I sure wish Lewis Richmond’s new book, Every Breath, New Chances: How to Age with Honor and Dignity—A Guide for Men, had been around for my father to read while he was still alive. My father died at age 78, exactly seven years ago from the day I pen this letter. He died an isolated man, so separate …continue

Letter from the Publisher: The Whale Child

Sometimes it takes a while to see the box you’ve been living in.  Such was the case for North Atlantic Books with Keith and Chenoa Egawa’s poignant children’s book The Whale Child, which we released together on October 13, 2020.  The book had first come to our attention over three years prior when a freelance …continue