NAB stands with Jamie Marich and trauma survivors.

Posted by – January 12, 2023
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We stand with Jamie Marich. We stand with trauma survivors.

On the release day of Dissociation Made Simple, NAB author Dr. Jamie Marich’s book launch was targeted by a coordinated campaign of online abuse. This attack was intended to cause disruption and visceral harm to readers and event attendees, many of whom are trauma survivors.

NAB stands with Jamie and everyone impacted by Tuesday’s event. We support their ongoing fight to build a better culture of mental health: one that centers survivors, elevates their voices, and does so authentically and without reservation.

People who experience dissociation are disadvantaged by the mental health system and the culture at large. That Jamie offers, confidently and without apology, a guide to embracing and living well with your dissociative parts is a necessary pivot in our discourse around healing and wellness.

Attacks like the one perpetrated against Dr. Marich are generally designed to accomplish two things: discredit a target and silence their voice. Tuesday’s hack failed on both counts. Jamie and NAB won’t be intimidated by trolling, threats, or online harassment.

We’ll continue to support survivors of trauma, abuse, and therapeutic harm, vocally and without hesitation. And we remain committed to uplifting Jamie and all writers and healers working toward a mental-health culture that upholds dignity, empowerment, and self-determination for all.

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