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New Release: The 7 Principles of Stress

About the Book Ori Hofmekler, acclaimed author of The Warrior Diet and one of the first proponents of intermittent fasting, challenges conventional wisdom about diet, fitness, and anti-aging with a new approach to health that uses stress to live longer, stay fit, and ward off fat. Supported by cutting-edge research, The 7 Principles of Stress …continue

All Protein Powders Are Not Created Equal: Ori Hofmekler Explains

Protein Powders: A Review (excerpt from The Warrior Diet) by Ori Hofmekler For athletes or bodybuilders interested in keeping their protein consumption high during the day, protein powders could be an instant alternative to cooked meals. However, it’s very important to choose the right one. Protein powders are divided into three groups: dairy, soy, and …continue

The Warrior Within Podcast Series Hosted by Ori Hofmekler

Ori Hofmekler is the author of The Warrior Diet, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, and the recently released Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat. Every Wednesday, at 9am PST, on VoiceAmericaHealth, Ori offers a live podcast as a part of The Warrior Within: Your Guide to Nutrition, Energy, Sex, and Survival. Past podcasts include “The Three Hidden Obstacles to …continue