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Martín Prechtel: Always a Place at the Table

Below is an adapted excerpt from Martín Prechtel’s The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic, a book that chronicles the author’s incredible journeys in a genre-defying format that’s part myth, part lyrical memoir, and part cultural commentary. In keeping with June’s themes of growth, rites of passage, and coming into oneself, we’ve selected a counterbalance to the popular conceptions …continue

Summer Reading Series: Martín Prechtel

  Martín Prechtel, author of The Smell of Rain on Dust, shares his summer reading list. Find out which books he plans to delve into in the coming months and why he chose each of them! For more lists from our Summer Reading Series, click here.   1) Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong True ecology away …continue

“Grief is Praise” from The Smell of Rain on Dust

by Martín Prechtel The following is an excerpt from The Smell of Rain on Dust by Martín Prechtel. In his book, Prechtel explains that the unexpressed grief prevalent in our society today is the reason for many of the social, cultural, and individual maladies that we are currently experiencing. He goes on to show how this collective, unexpressed …continue

New Release: The Smell of Rain on Dust

Inspiring hope, solace, and courage in the face of loss, author and Tzutujil Mayan shaman Martín Prechtel shares profound insights on the relationship between grief and praise—and how modern culture has suppressed our ability to fully and honestly express our feelings of loss. In today’s world, grief is something we usually experience in private, and …continue