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Recipe Monday: Raw Chocolate Treats

The holidays call for stuffing our faces with traditional delicacies—a lot of them. We’re expected to eat seconds and thirds of foods that only come once a year, especially the range of desserts. Jessica Fenton’s Raw Chocolate Treats allows us to eat without feeling remorseful. Check out the excerpt below for a delicious, guilt-free dessert! Winter Warming Drinking Chocolate On a cold …continue

Recipe Monday: Chocolate Body Paint

If you’re looking for a Monday recipe that multitasks like a champ, you’re in luck: today, to continue our series of V-Day-themed posts, we’re offering up a recipe from Jessica Fenton’s Raw Chocolate Treats. The chocolate body paint, below, was featured on our blog around this time last year and we thought it was time for …continue

Recipe Monday: Festive Chocolate Drinks

Raw Chocochino Excerpted from Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms by David Avocado Wolfe Serves 3 to 4 Equipment • power blender Ingredients • 2 liters spring water • 1 cup raw organic hemp seeds (add more hemp for a thicker milk) Blend in a high-speed blender on high for approximately 20 seconds. Strain milk through a nut-milk bag …continue

Recipe Monday: Holiday Treats

  Raw Butter and Italian Almond Cookies Excerpted from Raw Cookies by Julia Corbett Makes about 32 1×2-inch cookies Ingredients • 1½ cups Italian almonds • ¾ cup raw coconut flour • ⅓ cup raw butter • ⅓ cup raw honey (liquid or crystallized) or coconut nectar • 2 tablespoons grass-fed whey powder or other …continue

Rich Raw Chocolate & Vanilla Torte

This one’s for all you chocolate lovers out there! While I enjoy most sweets, I LOVE chocolate. Dessert never seems quite complete—and sometimes is just too sweet—without the stuff. As the trusted dessert-bringer (if you misread that as dessert-binger that wouldn’t be far off the mark, either), whenever I bake for Thanksgiving I make sure to have a good balance …continue

Sample Recipe from Raw Chocolate Treats: Raw Chocochino

As the Winter holidays approach, many of us are preparing to indulge in treats that any other time of year might be forbidden. I’ve already outed myself as a sucker for all things pumpkin-flavored in the Fall. Any other time, a slab of pumpkin pie would hardly seem appealing, but something about cold weather and the smell of …continue