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A Homeopathic Kit for Sports Season

Fall is here, and kids are getting back to school, and back in to sports. You’ve got bandages, orange slices, and lots of water. But to be truly prepared for everything, consider bringing along a homeopathic kit—complete with Aconitum, Arnica, Bellis, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Glonoinum, Hypericum, Ledum, Rhus Tox, and Ruta Grav—to treat injuries on the …continue

Charles Eisenstein’s New Podcast Series, Episode 2

In the second episode of the New and Ancient Story Podcast, author Charles Eisenstein speaks with Amy Lansky, the computer scientist and NASA researcher turned author, about how she used homeopathy to cure her son’s autism and the dialogues this opened in her life.   Subscribe to the New and Ancient Story Podcast here!   …continue

“Travel First Aid” from The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy

by Shelley Keneipp With summer in full swing and travel season at its peak, we’d like to share some of Shelley Keneipp’s travel tips for parents. For those planning to fly with their children, this excerpt from The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy should be invaluable! Check out a copy of the book for additional cures to common travel ailments, as well …continue

Homeopathic Remedies: Summer Camp Kit

Guest Post by Shelley Keneipp Shelley Keneipp, author of The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy: Safe, Natural Remedies for Children from Newborns through Teens, shares her “Summer Camp Kit” of homeopathic remedies to common summer injuries and illnesses. For more information on taking care of your children safely, gently, and effectively with homeopathy check out her upcoming book!   Homeopathic …continue