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Letter from the Publisher: On Medical Cannabis

The first time I visited the Harborside Health Center cannabis dispensary in Oakland, CA, I ​​happened to park​ my car​ next to a van​. At first I paid the vehicle little mind, eager to meet with the founder of the dispensary as a potential new author. But as I looked closer, I noticed that the …continue

Steve DeAngelo on the DEA’s Recent Ruling

The Drug Enforcement Administration recently rejected a proposal to reclassify marijuana—meaning, at least at the federal level, it will continue to face the same restrictions as heroin and LSD. Chuck Rosenberg, the chief of the DEA stated: “This decision isn’t based on danger. This decision is based on whether marijuana, as determined by the FDA, …continue

The Cannabis Manifesto – An Infographic!

Steve DeAngelo’s book The Cannabis Manifesto is based around eight central tenets. You can explore these points, and some of the research behind them, in this nifty infographic. For a more in-depth experience, pick up a copy of the book! Infographic created by Maren Fox.

Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug! (But It’s Not What You’ve Been Told)

Okay, let’s start this way: synapses that fire together wire together. What? Stay with me. A synapse (more specifically a synaptic cleft) is an empty space (a gateway) between nerve cells. This is true for the entire brain and for all those super highways of connections called our nervous system(s). When we touch a toe …continue

Uwe Blesching on Cannabis Oil Massage

Below is an adapted excerpt from CHI Magazine, written and published by Cannabis Health Index author Uwe Blesching. Cannabis Oil and the Massage Therapist’s Office: What You Need to Know to Make it Safe Almost everyone can agree on two benefits of a massage. When done well, it produces at least relaxation and pleasure. Similarly, most cannabis-using patients …continue

The History of Malaria & New Cannabidiol Treatment

Guest post from Cannabis Health Index author Uwe Blesching Adapted from CHI Magazine Malaria is a worldwide tropical disease that puts about half the world’s population at risk, with people of the poorest nations being the most vulnerable. To make matters worse, malaria is growing resistant to available drugs. It is estimated that each year, 330 …continue