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Women’s History Spotlight: Jaguarina and Colonel Monstery

In honor of Women’s History Month, here’s the story of Jagaurina, the great nineteenth century swordswoman, and Colonel Monstery, her teacher. The following is an excerpt from Self Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies, and part of Ben Miller’s introductory section. To learn more about Colonel Monstery and the female fighters he trained, or to pick up some of his techniques …continue

New Release: The Xingyi Boxing Manual, Revised and Expanded Edition

Famed for promoting health and longevity, as well as for its effectiveness as a fighting art, Xingyi is practiced by enthusiasts in China and in the West. Designed as a primer or introductory reader and filled with photos, illustrations, and descriptive text, this authentic manual introduces the Five Elements of Xingyi—Splitting Fist, Drilling Fist, Smashing …continue

New Release: The Kenpo Karate Compendium

Without doubt, Lee Wedlake’s The Kenpo Karate Compendium will be one of the most significant and beneficial resources available to kenpoists worldwide. – Rich Hale, Senior Professor and President, Ohana Kenpo Karate Association Thousands of students and teachers of all lineages have relied on Lee Wedlake’s writing as the kenpo reference for over a decade. …continue

New Release: Shang Yun-Xiang Style Xingyiquan

Li Wen-Bin was a legendary figure in the Chinese martial arts world and the founder of Shang Pai Xingyiquan. Derived from his training under Grandmaster Shang Yun-Xiang, Shang Yun-Xiang Style Xingyiquan clearly breaks down the fundamentals of those movements and forms found in all of Xingyiquan (and other internal martial arts). It also clarifies many common …continue

Book Review: The Creative Art of Living, Dying & Renewal

Book Review by Gilles Marin, author of Healing From Within with Chi Nei Tsang and Five Elements, Six Conditions. From their first word, “Mahalo,” the authors introduce us to the very heart of the spirit that gave birth to their beautiful book. Mahalo nui loa: gratitude, in Hawaiian culture, does not come as an empty word. It comes …continue

Qigong: How to Cultivate Your Warrior-Healer

Over our twenty-three years of teaching processes combining Qigong, guided meditation, and art, we have heard thousands of stories of struggle and healing. A theme that pervades both our teaching and the transformative journey is that the healer and the warrior archetypes and qualities represent a quintessential balance of yin and yang. One cannot exist …continue