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Letter from the Publisher: Books Still Matter

This spring one of our authors wrote to tell us about a success his book had recently achieved. Sometimes authors do this when they come across a good review or a high sales ranking. But that wasn’t the reason Perry Ulander was writing; he wanted to tell us about the impact his book Walking Point …continue

Walking Point and Reflecting on Veteran’s Day

It’s not every day that we remember to honor our troops—especially our veterans. Whether they’re neighbors, family members, or local coffee sellers, veterans are all around us. When past wars aren’t in our present thoughts, we can forget how much they’ve sacrificed in the name of our country. Today, we should take some time to …continue

New Release: New Moon

New Moon: A Coming of Age Tale “A memoir of baseball, high school, and Jewish New York in the ’50s, New Moon is also a portrait of a defenseless consciousness uncovering itself and the world simultaneously. The spellbinding prose and terrifying intimacy of Richard Grossinger’s book makes an unforgettable reading experience.” —Jonathan Lethem This revised and updated …continue

Pluto: A Poem

To wrap up our tour of the solar system, we wanted to conclude with a poem by Maggie Dietz from Richard Grossinger’s Pluto. Though the beloved dward planet has been reclassified, it is far from forgotten! Pluto Maggie Dietz Don’t feel small. We all have been demoted. Go on being moon or rock or orb, buoyant …continue

New Release: The Haumāna Hula Handbook for Students of Hawaiian Dance

In her new book, The Haumāna Hula Handbook for Students of Hawaiian Dance, Māhealani Uchiyama offers readers a unique look into the origins, language, etiquette, ceremonies, and spiritual culture of hula. Growing up during the early Civil Rights Movement, Uchiyama initially trained as a ballerina. Given the limited opportunities available to young women of color …continue

Bill Schelly on Comic and Science Fiction Visionary Otto Binder

In his captivating new biography Otto Binder, comic book historian Bill Schelly chronicles the professional successes and personal tragedies of the legendary Otto Binder. Credited with being the creator of many beloved superheroes, including fan-favorites Supergirl, Bizzaro, and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Binder captivated the minds of both children and young adults across the country, and around the world. …continue