Author: Julia Kent

After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2007, Julia was delighted to find out that “professional book recommender” was a job. She has been working in marketing and publicity with independent Bay Area publishers ever since. She joined North Atlantic Books in 2014. She lives with her husband and two very nice cats in Oakland.

DIY Holiday Gift: Mint-Chocolate Beauty Box

Last year, one of the coolest gifts I received was a beauty box my cousin put together. It was a sweet and simple idea, with a high yield of fun, because it just kept giving! Inside there was lip balm, gloss, nail polish, lotion—you name it. I wanted to put something similar together this year …continue

Santa’s Secret Helper: Amanita Muscaria

Whatever you’re celebrating this time of year, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll encounter Santa Claus at some point. Whether he’s at the mall, on your beverage, or a pub-crawling mob donning red coats and white beards, blocking sidewalks and intersections—the man is ubiquitous this time of year. However, slightly less well known is Santa’s secret …continue

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Chances are you’ve heard at least one person blame a Mercury retrograde for their busted phone, missing emails, or other technological misfirings. Living and working where I do, I’ve grown fairly comfortable with the idea—I’ve had at least one meeting rescheduled because of Mercury retrograde-related issues—without ever thinking about what it means, and why it happens. So, what does it mean for …continue

New Release: Wisdom Keeper

In his new book, Wisdom Keeper: One Man’s Journey to Honor the Untold Story of the Unangan People, Ilarion Merculieff seamlessly weaves together the remarkable strands of his life and culture into a fascinating account. Tracing the extraordinary history of his ancestors, Merculieff describes the rich traditions of the Unangan—spirituality, art, dance, music, storytelling, science …continue

“What is God?” from Paul Brunton’s The Inner Reality

Generally recognized as having introduced yoga and meditation to the West, Paul Brunton was the most popular and authoritative source of information on Eastern philosophies, gurus, and meditation systems from the mid-’30s to the ’60s. His books have sold over two million copies in seventeen languages. In 1954, he withdrew from public life and continued writing the …continue

Dog Days of Summer: Skin and Ear Issues

When the temperatures get warm, it creates an environment that is perfect for bacteria and/or yeast to flourish on your dog. Below, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs author Lew Olson shares some tips for keeping your dog happy and healthy during the summer months, despite the issues that may come up. Skin and Coat …continue