Author: Elise Harmenzon

Elise Harmenzon is a recent graduate of the University of Redlands, where she majored in English. She is currently an editorial intern at North Atlantic Books.

New Release: The Resonance Effect

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain every single day. From nerve pain to fibromyalgia to the thousands of other chronic conditions, people are looking everywhere in an effort to find some relief and treatment for their suffering. The Resonance Effect details how Carolyn McMakin is revolutionizing treatment of such ailments …continue

New Release: Heaven’s Wind

For the first time in English, Stephen Earle tells the epic story of Nakamura Tempu. One of Japan’s most inspirational twentieth-century thinkers and teachers, Tempu’s mind-body approach to personal transformation influenced hundreds of thousands, including many of Japan’s most successful and powerful people in business, politics, arts, sciences, sports, martial arts, and more. From his …continue