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Early American Literary Visionaries on Same-Sex Marriage

Guest Post by Steven Herrmann   The symbol of same-sex marriage Herman Melville portrays for us began to take shape when the 21-year-old writer and his friend, Tobias Greene, jumped from the whale ship Auschnet and swam together to the Island of Nukeheva, in the Marquesas. The action of Melville’s first novel, Typee, centers around …continue

Walt Whitman and Sexuality

In Spiritual Democracy: The Wisdom of Early American Visionaries for the Journey Forward, Steven Herrmann writes: Whitman’s acute awareness of the inherent relationship between sexuality and spirituality shows clearly how his understandings of the poet-shaman’s function as a preserver of the psychic integrity of the community relates to the “All,” and is aligned with the …continue

New Release: Spiritual Democracy

If the world’s religions were all treated equally, what impact would this have on politics and individual wellbeing? Could spiritual equality help resolve longstanding debates on topics such as same-sex marriage, religious liberty, and gender equality, as well as encourage world peace? How might we work toward this goal? Steven Herrmann’s Spiritual Democracy: The Wisdom …continue

Walt Whitman’s Vision of Same-Sex Marriage

I have shown in Spiritual Democracy: The Wisdom of Early American Visionaries for the Journey Forward how Whitman tapped into the archetype of Spiritual Democracy, which has indigenous roots in North America, and I clarified how he tried to universalize it by announcing a new religious attitude that is nondiscriminatory, feminist, and LGBT-affirming. The notion …continue