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First Look: Sky Shamans of Mongolia

In his new book, Sky Shamans of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers, Kevin Turner—a practicing shaman himself—takes readers on a powerful and visceral journey as he explores the mystery, spirituality, and history of Buryat, Khalkh, and Darkhad shamanic traditions. Below is an adapted first look: Entering the Circle The voice of Ariyunaa, the shamaness who had once healed …continue

Summer Reading Series: Erik Davis

  Erik Davis, author of TechGnosis, shares his summer reading list. Find out which books he plans to delve into in the coming months and why he chose each of them! For more lists from our Summer Reading Series, click here.   1) Something Coming Through by Paul McAuley (Gollancz) I heard about this new science …continue

The Cree Healer Series, Part 1

Guest Post by David Young, Robert Rogers, and Russell Willier   In our June release, A Cree Healer and his Medicine Bundle, medicine man Russell Willier, anthropologist David Young, and ethnobotanist Robert Rogers offer readers entrée into the sacred world of the Cree healing arts. In an attempt to preserve Native wisdom before it’s too …continue

Letter from the Publisher: International Herb Symposium

North Atlantic Books’ Publisher and Executive Director writes about an event he recently attended, where he spoke with a number of our authors and learned about an interesting ongoing case.  I was thrilled to attend the International Herb Symposium in mid-June at the beautiful campus of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. The symposium, founded by Rosemary Gladstar, …continue

“Back to Peru” from Talking Story

by Marie-Rose Phan-Lê In this beautiful excerpt from her book, Talking Story, Marie-Rose Phan-Lê takes readers into the rain forest to walk with Don Pablo, a Peruvian shaman. It offers a brief but wonderfully vivid depiction of his environment and the wisdom he passes to students in these changing times.   Back to Peru Why …continue

What’s Your Shamanic Zodiac Sign?

by Lucy Harmer   Want to know your shamanic zodiac sign? Check out the chart below from Shamanic Astrology by Lucy Harmer! If you keep reading, you’ll find out how you can use the medicine of each sign to improve your life, no matter when you were born.     MEDICINE In shamanic terms, medicine …continue