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Winter Foraging Guide

Though the fall harvest has come and gone, you can still find plenty of edible fruits, vegetables, and fungi, even in the winter months. No matter where you are, there are delicious foods for foraging. This weekend, get in touch with your primordial hunting and gathering instincts; I promise it’ll be a lot more fun …continue

Take a Hike Day

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” —John Muir It’s Take a Hike Day! Here at North Atlantic Books, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than foraging for wild plants and mushrooms. With the return of rain this coming winter, the season for mushrooms is just beginning. …continue

Sergei’s Young Coconut Dream Cake

Ready to celebrate summer with a delicious raw dessert?! Sergei’s Young Coconut Dream Cake not only won first place at the Portland Raw Food Festival, it’s also super easy to make. Give it a try, and check out other recipes in 12 Steps to Raw Foods!

Recipe Monday: A Vegan Barbecue

The Fourth of July holiday is coming up, and that means one thing: Barbecuing! (Also: America!) If you’re hosting a get-together this weekend and want to expand your repertoire beyond your typical burgers and hot dogs to something a little more adventurous (and inclusive to your veggie buddies), look no further than our vegan-friendly grilling guide. Garden …continue