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Pluto: A Poem

To wrap up our tour of the solar system, we wanted to conclude with a poem by Maggie Dietz from Richard Grossinger’s Pluto. Though the beloved dward planet has been reclassified, it is far from forgotten! Pluto Maggie Dietz Don’t feel small. We all have been demoted. Go on being moon or rock or orb, buoyant …continue

“Smokey the Bear Sutra” by Gary Snyder

Poem excerpted from the Io Anthology Created by Richard Grossinger and Lindy Hough in 1965, Io forged an eclectic path through the upheavals of the 1960s in art, literature, science, and the life of the spirit with writing that embraced astrophysics, science fiction, parapsychology, topology, poetry from Black Mountain, Beat, and New American traditions, wisdom …continue

From Her Body Sprang Our Greatest Wealth, Part 1

Guest post by Thanissara In our latest Sacred Activism title, Time to Stand Up, author Thanissara calls readers to action in the fight against anthropogenic climate change and other social, economic, and environmental ills. Contrary to what some may believe, Buddhism and activism go hand in hand; here, in her two-part guest post, Thanissara explains …continue

Poem: Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is flying by our most beloved dwarf planet, with images expected to arrive back to Earth later this evening. As we wait in suspense, knowing that debris the size of a grain of rice could swiftly disable the spacecraft 1, here’s a poem from Pluto: New Horizons for a Lost Horizon about the reclassification of …continue

New Release: Moonlight Leaning Against an Old Rail Fence

  ABOUT THE BOOK Moonlight Leaning Against an Old Rail Fence is a collection of Dharma poetry that explores the many avenues of Buddhist philosophy in accessible yet eloquent language. Author and poet Paul Weiss has included commentary with each of his poems, allowing readers to further explore its meaning. His prose matches his verse …continue

Poem: “The King’s Own Regulars” from Fart Proudly

by Benjamin Franklin   Happy 4th of July! As a special treat, we’re sharing a poem from Fart Proudly: Writings of Bejamin Franklin You Never Read in School, edited by Carl Japikse. Like the other pieces in this collection,”The King’s Own Regulars” showcases Franklin’s wit and sense of humor while also touching on the larger political issues …continue