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More Simple Steps to Start Your Meditation Practice

Last week, we covered some of the basics of meditation. Now that we have the foundations down, let’s get started. What follows are five techniques from Marcey Shapiro’s book  Freedom From Anxiety, that will help you get in the zone during a seated or walking meditation: Following the Breath This common technique involves little more than mentally watching and following the breath as …continue

Simple Steps to Start Your Meditation Practice

Maybe you’ve always been interested in starting a meditation practice, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you really need to find a good reason to start, look no further than this study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, which reports that a regular yoga and meditation practice can offset your risk for developing memory loss and dementia. Studies reporting …continue

6 Essential Heart-Centered Breathing Exercises to Treat Anxiety

Dr. Marcey Shapiro writes: It might seem obvious that breathing is essential to well-being, but it is rarely discussed in conventional medical contexts. Breathing is taken for granted, unless, of course, there is some specific ailment like asthma, pneumonia, or emphysema that impairs it. Numerous spiritual and health traditions offer a variety of breathing techniques, …continue