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Stones That Heal: Chlorite Quartz

Chlorite is a rich green argile that can be found within clear quartz in certain countries such as Nepal and Brazil. Gazing into a chlorite quartz often reveals scenes of natural landscapes such as rolling hill sides, soft foliage and flourishing bushes, making us feel as if we are stepping into an alter-reality where magical …continue

How to Heal Repressed Memories with Crystals and Stones

Our memories are an integral part of what makes us human. Some we cherish, some we may prefer to forget, while others are deeply buried in the recesses of a mind not yet ready to face certain truths. We may try to forget, to avoid, to run, but our memories always seem to catch up …continue

Men and Women: Are We the Same or Different?

Love between a man and a woman is anything but simple today. Both sexes are attempting to assume their identities and roles with seemingly no clear guidelines or maps. In our attempt to understand and live harmoniously with the opposite sex, are we projecting unrealistic ideals and expectations onto our partners? In striving for equality …continue

Lithotherapy as a Complementary Therapy to Cancer Treatment

The word cancer tends to evoke much fear at a time when this prevalent disease seems to touch the lives of more people than ever before. A diagnosis can hit hard and most people are assailed with concerns and questions about their prognosis, about how they can participate in their own healing process, and how …continue