Lithotherapy as a Complementary Therapy to Cancer Treatment

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The word cancer tends to evoke much fear at a time when this prevalent disease seems to touch the lives of more people than ever before. A diagnosis can hit hard and most people are assailed with concerns and questions about their prognosis, about how they can participate in their own healing process, and how to prevent a relapse during remission.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer can be generally defined as uncontrolled cell growth. One cell stops responding to normal indications that inform a cell when to grow, stop growing, and when to die. These “rebel cells” continue to divide, impacting normal cells and the functioning of the organ affected. There have been numerous speculations as to the causes: environmental agents, carcinogens, diet, hereditary factors, all undoubtedly playing some role in this widespread disease.

What Is Lithotherapy and How Can It Help?

Lithotherapy uses stones and crystals to balance the body’s natural flow of energy, releasing blockages and purifying meridians. Packed with minerals, they vibrate with the earth’s natural therapeutic benefits. From a more subtle perspective, cancer can be seen as an over-stimulation due to a “damming up” of unhealthy and “unchecked” energies. Stones can help re-establish an equilibrium through a process of purification, release, and calming of these energies which have translated themselves into physical disease. Lithotherapy is not a replacement for traditional medical treatments but rather a support for one already receiving medical care.

chlorite quartz
chlorite quartz

Green stones and minerals are the most beneficial for cancer as the color green is known to purify and balance. It is the color that elevates the body above the vibration of illness; it is widely known that hospitals have fewer incidents of infection where there is a predominance of green in the environment.

Chlorite Quartz supports the treatments of tumors, polyps, and growths while detoxifying the meridians and chakras. Malachite and green calcite absorb, purify, balance and soothe. Green Fluorite stabilizes chaotic energies and growths.

Blue stones such as Lapis Lazuli are regenerative for the physical body yet also encourage repressed memories and emotional baggage to be healed and liberated.

Sugilite guides towards the discovery of the more rooted and subtle causes of one’s cancer while emitting beneficial energies that promote recovery.

Prophecy Stones and the Herkimer Diamond support those going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Are There Any Contra-Indications?

It is recommended to avoid colors that over-stimulate such as red, yellow, and orange. Clear quartz should also be avoided as it is known to be highly stimulating.

Stone Placement

The placement of your stones will depend on the location and type of cancer, though it is important to always treat the solar plexus, the center of our emotional life, regardless of the particulars of the diagnosis. An appropriate stone can be placed at the plexus for intervals of about 15 minutes at a time only, yet an appropriate stone can be worn close to the afflicted area, held in the hands, or worn as jewelery for extended periods of time.

Illness is often viewed with dread, yet the mineral kingdom offers us an opportunity to see it as a chance to grow and to liberate ourselves from stagnant energies and patterns.

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