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National Doughnut Day: Bath Bombs!

Happy National Doughnut Day! While we can’t share the ones we’re eating right now, we can show you how to make these bright and deceptively edible-looking doughnut bath bombs—a great gift for yourself or a friend. I found this easy bath bomb recipe in one of my favorite home DIY books: The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health …continue

7 Easy Steps to a Zero-Waste Life

As the reality of our environmental crisis sets in, more and more people are realizing that our current conservation efforts won’t be enough. It’s time to try new tactics. Inspired by Lauren Singer’s Trash is for Tossers blog, I decided to attempt a zero-waste life and was shocked by how easy it was to drastically …continue

Last-Minute Holiday Gift DIY: Tarot Readings

With the new year on the horizon, it’s always exciting to think of what lies ahead. One of my favorite ways to take a peak at what the future might hold—as well as look through a different perspective into the past and present—is by using tarot. My first deck (the Aquarian Tarot, picuted above) was …continue

DIY Holiday Gift: Mint-Chocolate Beauty Box

Last year, one of the coolest gifts I received was a beauty box my cousin put together. It was a sweet and simple idea, with a high yield of fun, because it just kept giving! Inside there was lip balm, gloss, nail polish, lotion—you name it. I wanted to put something similar together this year …continue

DIY Holiday Gift: Doughnut Bath Bombs

I find making my own gifts a calming alternative to the spending frenzy that surrounds the holidays. I opt for that personal touch that comes with home-made things, usually making edibles such as fruit butters, pastries, or pickles. But this year I wanted to try something a little different: bath bombs! I found this wonderfully simple bath bomb recipe in one of my …continue

3 Simple Face Masks for Natural Beauty

Beauty doesn’t have to cost a small fortune! With these three simple facial mask recipes, all it takes is a trip to the produce section at your local grocery store—or just your pantry!—to treat our most common skin problems and enhance our natural beauty: Avocado Mask For dry skin You will need: 1 ripe avocado 1 …continue