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Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

Excerpted from The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones: People do yoga for many reasons; whatever the basis, yoga is always a path to truth. This can be blocked if there is pain. My contribution in teaching Yoga Anatomy and Kinesiology is to help people be free from injury in asanas, and to …continue

New Release: The Concise Book of Trigger Points, Third Edition

The Concise Book of Trigger Points: A Professional and Self-Help Guide, Third Edition is now available. Understanding trigger points can provide a solution to many of our everyday aches and pains, from neck tightness to splitting headaches. Though trigger point theory may seem complex, The Concise Book of Trigger Points simplifies the science and clearly explains …continue

How Stretching Affects Our Body and Mind

Don’t we all know how important it is to stretch, especially after a strenuous physical performance? What we might ignore is that it is crucial not only after doing sports but also before, as well as throughout the entire day. As an enthusiastic amateur runner, stretching is no foreign word to me. However, let’s face …continue