Author: Marina Snyder

Marina is the Marketing & Digital Programs Coordinator at North Atlantic Books. After living in New Orleans and Amsterdam, and exploring a couple of continents, she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at NAB. She's passionate about astrology, nonfiction books, and sustainable living, as well as all things metaphysical.

What Is a Sun Sign?

A Brief Introduction to Astrology Sun Signs & Beyond I was maybe seven or eight years old when I first started trying to make sense of astrology. Like many others, I began by learning the difference between a sun sign and a moon sign, and what each meant. I’d stumbled across the new age section …continue

End Your Addiction to Plastic

Last year, I wrote about switching to a zero-waste lifestyle and my experience working towards that goal. Since then, I’ve been trying my best to reduce my use of plastic as well—which, admittedly, I thought I could avoid by simply recycling. However, after watching Plastic Paradise and Gasland, I immediately changed my course of action. …continue

Cleansing Body & Mind with Ayurveda

We often think of spring as the time to declutter our homes, but why not also declutter our bodies and our lives? Ayurveda—a 5000-year-old Indian wellness plan—offers a holistic approach for cleansing ourselves of anything that no longer serves us, allowing us to return to a state of balance and optimal well-being (which can be …continue

Rebalancing Yin & Yang

What initially drew me to Brendan Kelly’s The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis is its holistic understanding of the environmental crisis and the solution it offers for healing. Using his expertise in Chinese medicine, Brendan diagnosed the planet the same way he diagnoses his patients. His book is about the common ailment he found …continue

Love Signs: What Kind of Partner Are You?

Did you know that you have more than one astrological sign, and are actually influenced by each zodiac archetype in a different way? What we think of when someone asks, “What’s your sign?” is actually called our sun sign. Similarly, we have a moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, etc. To get a free birth …continue

Rose Quartz: The Quintessential Stone of Love

Rose Quartz is a stone synonymous with love. With its power to open the heart chakra and bring harmony and affection into one’s life, it’s a wonderful energy to work with, especially around Valentine’s Day. There are a number of ways to align with the vibration of this stone. Some suggestions—which are explained in greater …continue