Author: Marina Snyder

Marina is the Marketing & Digital Programs Coordinator at North Atlantic Books. After living in New Orleans and Amsterdam, and exploring a couple of continents, she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at NAB. She's passionate about astrology, nonfiction books, and sustainable living, as well as all things metaphysical.

Sneak Peek: Rainbow Body and Resurrection

Below is an exclusive preview of Father Francis V. Tiso’s Rainbow Body and Resurrection, a new book that draws unprecedented connections between Dzogchen and Christian spiritual traditions. The rainbow body phenomenon is said to occur as a physical manifestation of spiritual attainment, where the corporeal form becomes, literally, a body of pure light. Rainbow Body …continue

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

For those who like to add a personal touch to the holidays by making their gifts, we decided to post a collection of DIY projects that anyone can make at home. Inspired by our books, these crafty gifts are easy to adapt, as we’ve demonstrated in a few of our posts. Check our blog on Fridays …continue

Hempnut-Crusted Tofu Steak with Jalapeño-Agave Succotash

For vegans and vegetarians, Thanksgiving can be challenging. This will be the eleventh Thanksgiving since I switched my diet and I still haven’t quite figured out how to feast until I’m stuffed, as I did before. So when we decided to put together a collection of recipes for folks who won’t be eating turkey or …continue

Vandana Shiva’s Earth Democracy

North Atlantic Books is excited to be working with Vandana Shiva as her publisher in the United States. Over the next year we’ll be rolling out several of her previously published books, including Earth Democracy, which is available in bookstores everywhere today. We’ll also have two new books from her, Seed Sovereignty, Food Security, and Who Really Feeds the World? available next spring and …continue

Recipe Monday: Revitalizing Smoothies

Whether you need a Monday pick-me-up or a quick reset after the weekend, start your week off right with one of our delicious and energizing smoothies from Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko and The Art of Raw Food by Jens Casupei and Vibeke Kaubert!