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The Election: Of Hate, Grief, and a New Story

Immediately following the election, the country was plunged into a space between stories—the status quo was shattered, and uncertainty about our political institutions, sense of what it means to be American, and relationships to one another changed us as a nation—no matter where we fall on the political spectrum. In his first post-election essay, Charles …continue

8 Ways to Reconnect with Nature

As Earth Day approaches communities all over the world, from Berkeley to Berlin, are celebrating our planet through acts of environmental love. From planting trees and picking up trash, to spreading online petitions and emailing elected officials, each of us has our own Earth Calling, and each is as unique as a fingerprint. In their book, Earth Calling: A …continue

Fostering Love in an Age of Crisis

Valentine’s Day is all well and good, but counting on boxes of chocolate and chalky LUV U hearts may leave you wanting in an age of uncertain times. Carolyn Baker, author of Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse, refocuses that loving feeling on true skills that will last you through the anthropocene, should it come to that. …continue

Charles Eisenstein’s New Podcast Series, Episode 1

In the first episode of the New and Ancient Story Podcast, author Charles Eisenstein speaks with Nipun Mehta about human kindness and its impact both on individuals and on society as a whole.   Subscribe to the New and Ancient Story Podcast here!     ABOUT CHARLES EISENSTEIN Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, The …continue

From Her Body Sprang the Greatest Wealth, Part 2

Guest Post by Thanissara While our climate crisis is catalyzing a social, economic, and energy revolution, we will only repeat old paradigms of exploitation unless we understand that our crisis is rooted in a dualistic consciousness. The consciousness that is wedded to “subject” in relationship to “object,” while fundamental to our everyday experience, veils the truth of our …continue