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New Release: Herbal Allies

About the Book Chronicling more than 45 years of his intimate relationship with the plant world, Robert Rogers describes the journey that led him to become an herbalist and shares his deep knowledge of the twenty plants that form the soul of his medicine kit. Rogers weaves personal experience, observations, and knowledge from indigenous healers, and …continue

Winter Foraging Guide

Though the fall harvest has come and gone, you can still find plenty of edible fruits, vegetables, and fungi, even in the winter months. No matter where you are, there are delicious foods for foraging. This weekend, get in touch with your primordial hunting and gathering instincts; I promise it’ll be a lot more fun …continue

The Cree Healer Series, Part 1

Guest Post by David Young, Robert Rogers, and Russell Willier   In our June release, A Cree Healer and his Medicine Bundle, medicine man Russell Willier, anthropologist David Young, and ethnobotanist Robert Rogers offer readers entrée into the sacred world of the Cree healing arts. In an attempt to preserve Native wisdom before it’s too …continue

Mushrooms: Let Medicine Be Thy Food

Did you know that September is National Mushroom Month? Although this holiday doesn’t correspond to a mushroom season—since fungi don’t depend on sunlight, they can grow in the right conditions throughout the year—the timing still feels appropriate. With summer perennials preparing for colder months and autumn crops beginning to ripen, our diets should be shifting …continue