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Dog Days of Summer: Skin and Ear Issues

When the temperatures get warm, it creates an environment that is perfect for bacteria and/or yeast to flourish on your dog. Below, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs author Lew Olson shares some tips for keeping your dog happy and healthy during the summer months, despite the issues that may come up. Skin and Coat …continue

Dog Days of Summer: A Natural Remedy for Skunk Odor

Summer is a great time to be a dog—more daylight means more time outside for walks and other adventures. In case your adventures happen to be in an area that is visited by skunks, below is a great recipe from Lew Olson for getting rid of skunk odor. I sure hope no one needs to use …continue

Dog Days of Summer: Keep Your Pets Safe this 4th of July

There’s nothing like a good fireworks show on the 4th of July. But while the bright lights and big bangs may bring a smile to your face, remember your pets may be having a very different experience. Here, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs author Lew Olson shares some techniques for keeping your pets safe …continue

Transitioning Your Dog to a Healthy Diet

Excerpt from Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised   No Quibble with Kibble If you are one of the many people who are still on the fence about changing your dog’s diet, you are not alone. Many people are skeptical about making a complete switch to a raw or home-cooked diet. Don’t worry. Changing …continue

What We Can Learn from Our Pets

Excerpt from Animal Wisdom by Linda Bender; pet photos from NAB staff Since June is National Adopt a Cat Month, we’re posting an excerpt from Linda Bender’s Animal Wisdom about the joys of living with animal companions, as well as some photos of staff pets. We hope you feel inspired to spend some extra time with your …continue