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Spiritual Spring Cleaning: Smudging and Healing Smoke

For advice on smudging and healing smoke, we turned to Robin Rose Bennett. Her book Healing Magic is an excellent resource on choosing the right herbs for the right time. Spirituality and Health also has a great article on The Ancient Art of Smudging which provides an overview on how you can approach this ancient practice with reverence and respect. What follows is …continue

New Release: Heaven’s Wind

For the first time in English, Stephen Earle tells the epic story of Nakamura Tempu. One of Japan’s most inspirational twentieth-century thinkers and teachers, Tempu’s mind-body approach to personal transformation influenced hundreds of thousands, including many of Japan’s most successful and powerful people in business, politics, arts, sciences, sports, martial arts, and more. From his …continue

New Release: The Order Disorder Paradox

That inexplicable funk you sometimes feel after a major life accomplishment? Totally normal paradoxical chaos, according to Nathan Schwartz-Salant the author of The Order-Disorder Paradox. Drawing on nearly five decades of research, Nathan Schwartz-Salant delves into a profound exploration of “the hidden side of change in self and society” and offers compelling insight into how …continue

Meditative Path & Therapeutic Progress

We continue celebrating our women authors with this exclusive author post by Beth Jacobs. Traditionally, there have been very few women in Abhidharma study. Beth Jacobs is the first to discuss the Abhidharma—the original psychological system of Buddhism—and its potential impact on the future of therapy. Based on concepts and intentions fundamentally similar to clinical …continue

3 Magical Women of the Forest Peoples

Since pre-Christian times in central Europe, the wise old woman, the sagae, as Tacitus calls her, had enjoyed respect and reverence. She was something of a shaman or worked at least similarly to a shaman, seer, herbalist, or midwife. In rural areas, she played a central role until the beginning of our modern era. The …continue

New Release: Genius of Being

In the third and final installment of the trilogy that includes The Book of Not Knowing and Pursuing Consciousness, Peter Ralston builds on his earlier themes of developing consciousness to reveal new discoveries about the workings of mind, the nature of language, the origins of self and other, and the nature and origins of experience. Below, …continue