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Climate Change, Morality, and Social Change

Guest Post by Liz Cunningham We tend to have collective amnesia about how social change occurs. I’ve been asking myself over and over lately, Where does change come from? It happens right smack in the middle of mindsets that tell us that whatever it is we want to change is so intrinsic to the way …continue

8 Ways to Reconnect with Nature

As Earth Day approaches communities all over the world, from Berkeley to Berlin, are celebrating our planet through acts of environmental love. From planting trees and picking up trash, to spreading online petitions and emailing elected officials, each of us has our own Earth Calling, and each is as unique as a fingerprint. In their book, Earth Calling: A …continue

The Sacred Feminine: Womb of Wisdom

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing authors’ thoughts on the Sacred Feminine. This excerpt from Thanissara’s Time to Stand Up discusses the roles, and balancing, of masculine and feminine energy within Buddhist tradition and practice. Womb of Wisdom In mindfulness training, body, feeling, mind, and phenomena are placed within that womb of awareness …continue

The Second Chakra: Sexuality and the Feminist Philosophy of Nondualism

Talking about evil is difficult, Matthew Fox says, because our language about evil needs to evolve to meet our times. Thus, Fox proposes a new language for understanding evil in his revised edition of Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh, wherein he explains how the chakras teach us to direct the love-energies we all possess and proposes seven …continue

Junius Williams on the Power of Stories

This month, we look back on the history of the Black experience in America. We look back to remind ourselves that the Dream is yet to be achieved—that there is an unfinished agenda. We look back to educate new generations of this history, and to re-ground ourselves in this revolutionary tradition. Listed among Ebony’s “100 Most Influential Blacks in America,” Junius …continue