Category: Ecology & Sustainability

End Your Addiction to Plastic

Last year, I wrote about switching to a zero-waste lifestyle and my experience working towards that goal. Since then, I’ve been trying my best to reduce my use of plastic as well—which, admittedly, I thought I could avoid by simply recycling. However, after watching Plastic Paradise and Gasland, I immediately changed my course of action. …continue

Garden Guide: Companion Planting

This was the year—finally—that I got more serious about planting my garden. During earlier attempts, I’d taken a fairly lazy, noncommittal approach: container-planting herbs here and there, buying a fruit tree, or starting squash seedlings. Despite my valiant efforts, the squashlings made it all of two months, and my herbs were a victory short-lived after my cat …continue

Sneak Peek: Vandana Shiva’s Who Really Feeds the World

In her latest book, scientist and activist Vandana Shiva delivers a powerful manifesto calling for meaningful agricultural consciousness and genuine sustainability. Shiva, whom Bill Moyers has called a “rock star in the worldwide battle against genetically modified seeds,” draws upon her thirty years of research to debunk the myth—propagated in large part by the GMO …continue

Ten Ways You Can Help an Endangered Species

As a kid, I was obsessed with whales. I saw the movie Free Willy and grew determined to become a whale activist. I learned all kinds of Orca facts, and even harassed my friends and family for using too much water, telling them to save some for the whales (not sure how I came up with that one). When my parents took me to …continue

The Yin and Yang of Lyme Disease and Climate Change

Our usual Western view of the world teaches us separation. Medically, we’re taught to believe that each organ is separate from the others and that the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our lives are distinct. We’re also encouraged to see ourselves as separate from the people and the world around us. The long history …continue