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New Release: Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis & SI Joint

Introducing the essential guide for physical therapists, bodywork practitioners, and those treating their own pain in the pelvis and sacroiliac joint: Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and the Sacroiliac Joint. With over 350 color photographs and anatomical diagrams, this book outlines step-by-step assessments, exercises, and treatments to overcome pain in one of the most crucial yet misunderstood …continue

New Release: The Concise Book of Dry Needling

A Practitioner’s Guide to Myofascial Trigger Point Applications Chronic pain has many sources, and sensory bombardment is a common source that physical therapists know all too little about. In this book, author and international authority on the subject, John Sharkey, outlines accurate and essential criteria for the identification and subsequent treatment of myofascial trigger points …continue

New Release: SI Joint Dysfunction and Piriformis Syndrome

The first complete guide to treating patients with SI Joint Dysfunction and Piriformis Syndrome For those who may not know, the SI Joint is at the bottom of the spine and connects with the pelvis. The piriformis muscle also starts at the bottom of the spine and is located in the buttocks region. Pain can be …continue

Don’t Just Sit There!

We know all too well the health hazards that arise from too much sitting. But maybe you don’t: In 2010, a revealing prospective study on the detrimental effects of sitting—

New Release: Embodied Being by Jeffrey Maitland

A certified Advanced Rolfer (one of seven in the world), Jeffrey Maitland, PhD, has more than thirty years of experience in manual therapy on which to base his latest book, Embodied Being: The Philosophical Roots of Manual Therapy. In it, he sets out to determine what makes a truly life-altering bodywork session. In addition to drawing upon his many years …continue

Uwe Blesching on Cannabis Oil Massage

Below is an adapted excerpt from CHI Magazine, written and published by Cannabis Health Index author Uwe Blesching. Cannabis Oil and the Massage Therapist’s Office: What You Need to Know to Make it Safe Almost everyone can agree on two benefits of a massage. When done well, it produces at least relaxation and pleasure. Similarly, most cannabis-using patients …continue