Author: Tim McKee

Tim came to NAB in 2013 and is honored to serve as publisher. Born in New York City, McKee grew up in Los Angeles and received a BA from Princeton University and an MA in journalism from the University of Missouri. He has worked in the nonprofit sector for his entire career, including serving as the long-time managing editor of The Sun magazine, the grants director for a social-justice foundation in San Francisco, and as a writer for several community-based organizations in California. He has also taught college-level writing and journalism. His book No More Strangers Now: Young Voices from a New South Africa (Dorling Kindersley) was an Honor Book for the Jane Addams Book Award and a Los Angeles Times bestseller. He is happiest when bringing necessary stories to the page.

Letter from the Publisher: Regretting Motherhood

I still remember the day when my colleague brought the manuscript for Regretting Motherhood to our acquisitions meeting. There were the usual ten of us gathered in our conference room, representing all parts of our team, from acquisitions to editorial, production to sales. What we’re looking for in those meetings are books possessing an elusive …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Thoughts on Charlottesville

Dear friends, As the publisher of an organization committed to healing and global transformation, I am deeply saddened by the recent events in Charlottesville and the resurgence of racism we are seeing in our country. White supremacy is neither new nor periphery to the American story; it’s in fact an ideology core to our nation’s …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Books Still Matter

This spring one of our authors wrote to tell us about a success his book had recently achieved. Sometimes authors do this when they come across a good review or a high sales ranking. But that wasn’t the reason Perry Ulander was writing; he wanted to tell us about the impact his book Walking Point …continue

Letter from the Publisher: On Medical Cannabis

The first time I visited the Harborside Health Center cannabis dispensary in Oakland, CA, I ​​happened to park​ my car​ next to a van​. At first I paid the vehicle little mind, eager to meet with the founder of the dispensary as a potential new author. But as I looked closer, I noticed that the …continue

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Letter from the Publisher: An Interview with Francis Weller

Not long ago, I had the honor and pleasure of working with psychotherapist Francis Weller on his groundbreaking book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief.  Shortly after North Atlantic Books published the book, The Sun magazine featured an interview I conducted with Francis about grief, death, authenticity, …continue

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Reader, You may have heard that there have been some significant organizational shifts at North Atlantic Books of late. This month, our Executive Director/Publisher Douglas Reil decided to step down to pursue other endeavors. Over his nine years at NAB, Doug was a positive and steady force, and we are grateful for all he …continue