Author: Maren Fox

Maren began her publishing career as an intern at Counterpoint and Soft Skull Press, where she stayed on for more than four years as a publicist and web coordinator. She joined the NAB team in 2015 and is still stoked about it—she gets to read her Rob Brezsny horoscope (Scorpio)​ before anyone else! Maren lives in Oakland with a monstrous Maine Coon and spends the majority of her spare time convincing him to not eat all of her houseplants. Sometimes she has time to write, paint things, garden, or repair furniture.​

New Release: Black Ships

Award-winning comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson and manga artist Akiko Shimojima team up for a graphic novel that tells the compelling story of the four American black ships that arrived in Japan in 1853 under the command of Commodore Perry to force Japan to open up to trade. “Black ships” is the phrase used …continue

DIY Holiday Gift: Doughnut Bath Bombs

I find making my own gifts a calming alternative to the spending frenzy that surrounds the holidays. I opt for that personal touch that comes with home-made things, usually making edibles such as fruit butters, pastries, or pickles. But this year I wanted to try something a little different: bath bombs! I found this wonderfully simple bath bomb recipe in one of my …continue

Recipe Monday: Raw Chocolate Treats

The holidays call for stuffing our faces with traditional delicacies—a lot of them. We’re expected to eat seconds and thirds of foods that only come once a year, especially the range of desserts. Jessica Fenton’s Raw Chocolate Treats allows us to eat without feeling remorseful. Check out the excerpt below for a delicious, guilt-free dessert! Winter Warming Drinking Chocolate On a cold …continue

New Release: The Modern Herbal Dispensatory

A Medicine-Making Guide For herbs to be effective healing agents for humans, the way they are gathered, stored, and ultimately dispensed is of utmost importance. The Modern Herbal Dispensatory integrates modern science with the principles of Western herbalism and is incredibly detailed on all techniques involved in the preparation of herbal medicine. Few books cover …continue

New Release: The Earthwise Herbal Repertory

The Definitive Practitioner’s Guide The Earthwise Herbal Repertory is the definitive guide for learning more about how to use plants as medicinal medicine. Matthew Wood’s unique approach combines schools of thought from the ancient Greeks to Native American medicine to the latest in biomedical research. This guide will help you become more familiar with not only …continue

New Release: The Lost Samurai School

Secrets of the Mubyoshi Ryu Antony Cummins’s The Lost Samurai School is the first exposure for western readers to the teachings of Mubiyoshi Ryu. Cummins contextualizes the many expertly translated documents with a history of the era, the school, and its grandmaster, Hagiwara Juzo. Mubiyoshi Ryu literally translates to “school with no rhythm.” Such a …continue