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Body Encyclopedia

A Guide to the Psychological Functions of the Muscular System

Author: Sonja Fich, Lisbeth Marcher

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Based on Bodynamic Analysis, a body-oriented psychology developed in Denmark by the authors and their colleagues, Body Encyclopedia describes the developmental sequence in which psychological and emotional elements are linked to specific muscles. The book shows how certain responses to events in our lives end up bound and connected with our movement patterns. Through extensive research, Marcher, Fich, and several others have mapped out the psychological functions of 154 muscles and related tissues.

Featuring more than 200 detailed illustrations, Body Encyclopedia opens with an introduction to the history and development of Bodynamic Analysis. The core of the book presents a description of each muscle, including movement positions, age level when the muscle is activated, and a summary of the psychological themes associated with each muscle. Basic instructions are provided for bodymapping, a hands-on procedure that involves palpating and registering muscle response. Vivid case studies demonstrate how to apply the information in real-life situations. Using the book as a guide, readers can accurately identify and investigate the underlying psychological issues associated with muscle pain, discomfort, or weakness in specific areas of the body.


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About the Author

Lisbeth Marcher and Sonja Fich are two of the cofounders of the Bodynamic Institute, a worldwide organization that offers Bodynamic Analysis training and services. Marcher is president of the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy. Fich is a psychotherapist, bodynamic analyst, and relaxation educator. Both live in Denmark.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“Long awaited, much anticipated, and truly a magnum opus, Body Encyclopedia brings together many decades of research and clinical practice. Lisbeth Marcher, Sonja Fich, and their colleagues have produced an unparalleled system of both diagnosis and treatment that will place body psychotherapy, and especially Bodynamics, in the mainstream of both psychotherapy and medicine. This work is both scientifically rigorous and accessible to all professionals in the field of health care.”
—Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD, editor of the United States Association for Body Psychology Journal
“I believe that most schools of psychology and therapy have failed to understand fundamental ways humans use to make meaning about themselves in the world. Marcher, Fich, and their Bodynamic colleagues make a stunning step forward in overcoming this error by providing a fundamental developmental framework that helps us to understand the pathways humans move through and how to work effectively with our patients, young and old.”
—Ed Tronick, PhD, professor of psychology, University of Massachusetts; chief faculty, Infant-Parent Mental Health Post-Graduate Certificate Program, University of Massachusetts; and director, Child Development Unit, Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School
Body Encyclopedia brings together forty years of rigorous research, theory, and practice in the field of mind-body psychotherapy. In an outstanding class of its own, it contains the most precise anatomical understanding of the human condition along with numerous practice exercises generously articulated throughout the book. This offering from Lisbeth Marcher, Sonja Fich, and their Bodynamic colleagues brings a whole new level of essential knowledge to the field.”
—Ian Macnaughton PhD, RCC, past president of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and editor of Body, Breath, and Consciousness and Embodying the Mind and Minding the Body
Body Encyclopedia by Lisbeth Marcher and Sonja Fich is the most detailed study of functional muscular anatomy for therapists that exists. This book will be an invaluable reference for all body psychotherapists.”
—Dr. David Boadella, founder of Biosynthesis and the Energy and Character journal

Some forty years of research and theory come together in this key acquisition… It offers a satisfying blend of tested results from clinical practice paired with decades of research, considering diagnosis and treatment that will place body psychotherapy in line with mainstream medicine. … Not to be missed!”
Midwest Book Review

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