The Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy Workbook

A Therapists Guide to the 5 Practices of Somatic IFS for Transforming Trauma in Clients

Author: Susan McConnell

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The companion workbook to Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy—a practical guide to the 5 pillars of embodied IFS for trauma therapists, Somatic Experiencing™ practitioners, and mental health healers

With embodied exercises, foundational knowledge, and practical guidance, The Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy Workbook shows therapists and clinicians how to embody the five practices of Somatic IFS: somatic awarenessconscious breathingradical resonancemindful movement and attuned touch.

Each works together to facilitate trauma healing with clients and build embodied safety, integrate unresolved harm, and develop the ability to name, process, and understand emotional and somatic sensations.

The workbook opens by inviting the therapist to explore their own Internal System, offering an embodied approach to experiencing the model. Chapter 1 explores and explains foundational concepts like somatics; embodiment; Parts; Self; and the cultural influences that shape and shift our embodied experiences. Chapters 2 – 6 move into theoretical grounding, clinical applications, and practical exercises for each of the five principles. They offer tools to:

  • Develop clients’ ability to name, describe, and convey sensations
  • Recognize and track for signs of client overwhelm
  • Work with Parts that fear body awareness
  • Understand the purpose and clinical benefits of conscious breathing
  • Restore the Embodied Self
  • Explore therapeutic shifts from doing to to being with clients
  • Heal attachment wounds
  • Integrate mindful movement into healing developmental trauma
  • Understand and practice attuned touch

Each practice is designed to be used whenever it will be of benefit: the tools and exercises are non-linear and adaptable, and aren’t limited by a prescriptive sequence. The workbook also explores links between current psychotherapeutic practice and ancient healing modalities, grounding SIFS in a larger web of effective somatic trauma healing and embodiment approaches.

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Release Date: 2025-01-07
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