The Practice of Embodying Emotions

The Practice of Embodying Emotions

A Guide for Improving Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Outcomes

Author: Raja Selvam

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“A grand accomplishment.” —Dr. Peter Levine, developer of Somatic Experiencing® and author of Waking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice

A body-based, science-backed method for regulating behavior, thoughts, and feelings and improving well-being–shown to shorten therapy time and improve emotional outcomes.

In the first book on Integral Somatic Psychology™ (ISP), clinical psychologist Dr. Raja Selvam offers a new, complementary approach for building more capacity to tolerate emotions using the body–especially emotions that are difficult or unpleasant.

The ISP model shows readers how to expand and regulate emotional experiences in the body to improve different therapeutic outcomes–cognitive, emotional, behavioral, physical, energetic, relational, and even spiritual–in life and in all types of therapies, including other body psychotherapy and somatic psychology approaches. You will learn the physiology of emotions in the brain and body and how to:

  • Access different types of emotions quickly
  • Facilitate embodiment and regulation of feelings
  • Process and heal different traumas and attachment wounds
  • A go-to guide for emotional integration, The Practice of Embodying Emotions is of value in the treatment of a wide range of clinical problems involving difficult emotions–from ordinary life events to psychosomatic or psychophysiological disorders, developmental trauma, prenatal and perinatal trauma, attachment disorders, borderline personality disorder, complex PTSD, collective trauma, and intergenerational trauma–and in improving outcomes and shortening treatment time in different therapies including psychoanalysis, Jungian psychology, and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). 

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    ebook, audiobook, paperback

    Release Date: 2022-03-22
    Paperback 9781623174774
    Audiobook 9781623178192
    Ebook 9781623174781

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