Tending the Bones

Reclaiming Pleasure after Transgenerational Sexual Trauma--A 13-month somatic journey of ancestral ritual and embodiment

Author: Pavini Moray Read by: Pavini Moray

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A 13-month guided pathway for healing transgenerational sexual trauma

Body-based practices, ancestral connection rituals, and reflective empowerment exercises to integrate trauma, build resilience, center pleasure, and reclaim wholeness

Healing from sexual trauma is deep, transformative, and life-changing work. And when we begin the journey to address not just our own traumas but those borne by our ancestors, we heal across generations—finding wholeness and reclaiming erotic wellness for ourselves while lovingly tending the harm and trauma carried in our lineages.

From altars to reverence practices, resilience plans to somatic resourcing, Tending the Bones holds you in care and power. Pavini Moray, PhD invites you to reconnect to the profound wisdom of your body—and your ancestors.

  • Part One: Build Inner Resources offers skills, practices, and resilience tools essential to healing the wounds of transgenerational sexual trauma
  • Part Two: Heal Trauma helps you acknowledge and integrate traumatic experiences and invites you to explore what justice means to you.
  • Part Three: Savor shows you how to connect and work with ancestral guides. It also explores principles of somatic sexuality for recovering wholeness and pleasure after sexual trauma.

Guided by the 13 lunar cycles of the year, each module includes a ritual, prayer, poem, daily practice, and worksheet for reflection and healing. With chapters like “Blessing Moon,” “Ancestor Moon,” “Sovereign Moon,” “Integration Moon,” and more, Tending the Bones takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to healing from sexual trauma and provides a safe container and solid foundation to explore this deep transformational work.

Engaging, warm, and authentic, Tending the Bones centers your experiences as a reader and survivor, whether you’ve experienced sexual trauma, are living the embodied impacts of your ancestors’ trauma, or both.

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Release Date: 2025-01-28
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