The Anatomy of Sports Injuries, Second Edition

The Anatomy of Sports Injuries, Second Edition

Your Illustrated Guide to Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Author: Brad Walker

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For anyone who plays sports and is looking to facilitate recovery or prevent injuries

Everyone who plays sports experiences injuries. Many people never fully recover because they’re not aware of what they can do to facilitate recovery. But there’s no need to simply resign yourself to “living with” a sports injury. In The Anatomy of Sports Injuries, author Brad Walker brings years of expertise–he works with elite-level and world-champion athletes, and lectures on injury prevention–to this how-to guide. The book takes a fundamental approach, bringing you inside the body to show exactly what is happening when a sports injury occurs. At the heart of The Anatomy of Sports Injuries are 350 images. This second edition includes updated illustrations and more anatomical information and is for every sports player or fitness enthusiast who has been injured and would like to know what the injury involves, how to rehabilitate the area, and how to prevent complications or injury in the future.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2018-09-04
Paperback 9781623172831
Ebook 9781623172848

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