New Self, New World highlights 12 books that will help you improve yourself, your community, and the greater world in 2018. Get going with 30% off all books through January with coupon code NEWWORLD30.

NAB author Dale Pendell has recently passed away. We invite you to celebrate his life with this beautiful piece from the Dream and Flesh blog.

Anni Daulter, Jessica Booth, and Jessica Smithson, authors of The Sacred Medicine Cupboard, invite you to pause and celebrate this rebirth of sun. Read below for an excerpt on the importance of the Winter Solstice.

The Winter Solstice, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Time for Repose

What makes a book "nabby?" Read how our publisher just knew that Regretting Motherhood was a perfect fit for North Atlantic Books.

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New Release: Southern Folk Medicine

Posted by North Atlantic Books - January 16, 2018

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Berkeley, CA

Join Monica Sharma, International Expert and Practitioner on Leadership Development, as she discusses her upcoming book Radical Transformational Leadership at Books Inc! …continue

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