Buying a book is not a trivial act, but rather a deeply considered choice that is more event than impulse. What better place to engage in such an event than a brick-and-mortar store, preferably an independent one replete with that homey, musty scent and the slant of sun that spotlights the swirling dust motes and eventually lands on a corner of a bookshelf that surely must hold a book you simply have to read.

A timely conversation with NAB authors Trebbe Johnson and Francis Weller on grief, spaciousness, and the work that lies ahead.

"COVID-19 demonstrates the power of our collective will when we agree on what is important. What else might we achieve, in coherency? What do we want to achieve, and what world shall we create? That is always the next question when anyone awakens to their power."

A few years ago, NAB author and thinker Bayo Akomolafe told me, “The times are urgent, so let us slow down.” I sensed right away what he meant by this apparent contradiction: that it is during acute periods of tumult that we most need spaciousness, patience, and circumspection.

"For those of us working toward social change and justice, it sometimes occurs to us that we may be missing something...The truth is that we are all, as human beings, a work in progress. We are shaped by trauma, deeply and profoundly flawed and imperfect. But if you claim to seek progress and social change, you will be held to a higher standard of intentionality about how you manage that imperfection and proactively seek to develop, evolve, and heal."

Want it, need it, can't get enough of it: what do you do when sleep proves elusive? If you’re still up and browsing by the soft blue glow of your phone…read on to reclaim the deep, restorative sleep your mind and body need to thrive.

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