Dismantling diet culture is a huge task, both on a societal level and a personal one. But The Diet-Free Revolution approaches the task with compassion and recognition, with fullness and without expectations. It leaves room for questions...

As we at NAB celebrate 2021 Pride, we caught up with authors to ask how they’re marking the month this year: what Pride does (and doesn't) mean to them; how community evolved during the pandemic; their queer book and music recs; and more.

This June we acknowledge the year that has passed since George Floyd’s murder, as well as Juneteenth. In honor of these events, we wanted to once again make a donation to the Anti Police-Terror Project, particularly the MH First initiative.

This month, Mercury moves into its home sign of Gemini. Alice Sparkly Kat writes, “This Mercury in Gemini I want you to truly believe that the sustainability of your curiosity is the most important thing in the world."

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