Be an ecological Robin Hood: do good things in bad places. Support local, organic farms. Rediscover the romanticism of Earth stewardship—and other Earth Day advice from environmental pioneer John Todd

"We are all living at a point that is begging for us to dream up and work for a better way of relating to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us. North Atlantic Books has such a vital publishing history, and it feels like it is on the brink of a very beautiful and dynamic journey towards community-driven race- and social-justice work—work that moves us closer to creating a better way of living. I am elated to join the organization on such a meaningful and bold path forward." —S. Rae Peoples, new board co-chair

North Atlantic Books is proud to support the work of the Black Love Convergence. In lieu of our normal Letter from the Publisher, we’d like to highlight the voice of At-Large Acquisitions Editor Lisbeth White...

"Sometimes the collaboration between an author and publisher starts with the tiniest of seeds. Such was the case with Lucinda Herring’s groundbreaking book..."

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Join Sherri Mitchell, author of Sacred Instructions, at The OMEGA Institute in Rhinebeck, NY for …continue

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