Psychedelics and the Soul

A Mythic Guide to Psychedelic Healing, Depth Psychology, and Cultural Repair

Author: Simon Yugler Read by: Simon Yugler

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A mythological journey through 10 archetypes of psychedelic healing: ancient stories, tangible tools, and depth psychology insights

Designed for a new generation of psychedelic facilitators and seekers, Psychedelics and the Soul invokes the traditions of Jungian depth psychology, mythology, and Indigenous cultural wisdom to meet a critical question of our times: How can the emerging field of psychedelic medicine heal the soul amid planetary crisis and collective opportunity?

Psychedelic therapist Simon Yugler invites the reader on a mythological journey, using depth psychology to explore 10 universal themes that transcend our individual experiences—and reveal how psychedelic medicine can heal the soul and our collective unconscious in a time of uncertainty and initiation:

  • The Well: The Unconscious, Symbolism, & the Mythic Unknown
  • The Temple: Beyond Set & Setting
  • The Underworld: Initiation, Grief, & the Descent to Soul
  • The Serpent: The Body, the Shadow, & Shedding Your Skin
  • The Trickster: Marginality, The Crossroads, & the Guide of Souls
  • The Monstrous: Trauma, Exiles, & the Archetypal Wound
  • The Leader: Power, Liminality, & Inner Authority
  • The Sacred Mountain: Ecstasy, Vision & Mystical Experiences
  • The Tree of Life: Animism, Climate Change, & the Ensouled Earth
  • The Journey Home: Integration, Community, & Feeding the Village

Each archetype acts as a prism, using myth, fable, and universal wisdom to reflect back to the reader the collective experiences and unconscious truths that shape our psyches—and that are made more profound and accessible through psychedelics. Yugler shares how entheogens and plant medicine open a gateway to our understanding of our culture, selves, and interconnected reality toward wide-scale social and planetary healing.

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Release Date: 2024-10-01
Ebook 9798889840657
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