The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga

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The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga

The Path to Self-Realization and Philosophic Insight, Volume 1

Author: Paul Brunton

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Inspired by his time spent with wise sages in Asia in the 1930s, Paul Brunton (1898-1981) wrote The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga (and its companion volume The Wisdom of the Overself) at the request of these remarkable teachers, who recognized that he had a significant role to play in the transmission of Hindu Vedanta and Buddhism to the West. Brunton’s books are a profound re-creation of the teachings of those two philosophical schools of thought, informed by the insights of deep meditation. Clearly written without the specialized vocabulary found in those traditions, the books speak directly to the contemporary spiritual seeker.

The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga is a step-by-step guide to actually experiencing the spiritual truth that reality is formed within our consciousness rather than outside us in the world of material things. Brunton’s expert analysis of perception, grounded in science, is designed to awaken us to our sacred foundation and to transform our personality into a mirror of that reality. Brunton prepares us for this journey by describing the attitudes, mental disciplines, and character traits that are beneficial for success in this quest.

This new edition has been updated to incorporate the author’s final revisions and includes an introduction by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.

Foreword by The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation
1.Beyond Yoga
2.The Ultimate Path
3.The Religious and Mystic Grades
4.The Hidden Philosophy of India
5.The Philosophical Discipline
6.The Worship of Words
7.The Search After Truth
8.The Revelation of Relativity
9.From Thing to Thought
10. The Secret of Space and Time
11. The Magic of the Mind
12. The Downfall of Materialism
Epilogue: The Philosophic Life
Appendix 1: Some Misconceptions Cleared Up
Appendix 2: Additional Resources from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Compiled by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation Editors

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About the Author

PAUL BRUNTON (1898-1981) is one of the twentieth century's most brilliant spiritual writers. Generally recognized as having introduced yoga and meditation to the West, he was the most popular and authoritative source of information on Eastern philosophies, gurus, and meditation systems from the mid-'30s to the '60s. His books have sold over two million copies in 17 languages. In 1954, he withdrew from public life and continued writing the material that was posthumously published as The Notebooks of Paul Brunton--a truly East-West spiritual philosophy. Written with the passion of an authentic pioneer and the thoughtfulness of a seasoned practitioner, his work is re-emerging as a beacon for all contemporary seekers.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“Paul Brunton … has sought to throw a bridge across the chasm which separates yoga and pure ancient philosophy for searchers in the West.”
Dallas Times-Herald
“… goes to the very roots of the mysteries of yoga and the mysteries of modern materialistic sciences.”
—New Book Digest 

“One has to acknowledge that many a student will be greatly indebted to Dr. Brunton for his assiduous work … should be carefully read and studied by everyone interested in the subject.”
The Seeker [London]
“This is the most mature of Paul Brunton's books and should reach a more deeply philosophic audience, as well as his previous circle of readers interested in the Overself … Brunton's function is to stimulate, to awaken consciousness of these problems in readers who would hesitate before the imponderables of Patanjali, Einstein, the sages of the East.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Mr. Brunton is an able writer, commanding an extensive range of reading. He manages to be bold and modest at the same time … his book is an introduction to critical thought, an approach to metaphysics.”
Review of Religion [USA]
“The book is crammed with telling yet sympathetic analyses of the shortcomings of the materialistic credo. In his latest book, Mr. Brunton is an entertaining, probing, and precise guide on a worth-while intellectual adventure.”
Republican [Springfield, Mass.]
“As an antidote for today's confusion, this book will give the reader intelligent and practical help in his individual search for that which will enable him to surmount the difficulties confronting him in these troubled days.”
Book News [Chicago]
The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga by Paul Brunton, which has fortunately been given to the world, very quickly impresses one with the writer's integrity, boldness, and sincerity.… From my privileged knowledge of the writer, I am convinced he is the possessor of this great truth, and therefore this work should prove to be a great blessing to all who seek The Truth.”
Psychic News [London]

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