The Wisdom of the Overself

The Wisdom of the Overself

The Path to Self-Realization and Philosophic Insight, Volume 2

Author: Paul Brunton

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Inspired by Paul Brunton’s years spent with sages in Asia, The Wisdom of the Overself and its companion volume The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga were written at the request of these remarkable teachers, who recognized that Brunton had a significant role to play in the transmission of traditional wisdom to the West. Here is a profound re-creation of these teachings, brought to life and made accessible by Brunton’s insights. In print since the 1940s, Brunton’s works are considered to be among the most comprehensive, clear, and practical guides on the path to enlightenment. 

Brunton unfolds the grand vision for human development by investigating consciousness as the source of all experience; how to move from ego-centered life to the transcendent reality; the interplay of karma, free will, and grace; the nature of evil and suffering; how to awaken intuition and penetrative insight; the passage through death to rebirth; and psychic experiences and mystic visions. He also provides seven ultramystic exercises to open the door to higher consciousness, including a healing meditation on the sun; practices for transforming the future, dream, and sleep; and a meditation on the timeless self. These techniques lead to the deepest spiritual realizations—to the true “Wisdom of the Overself.”

This new edition has been updated to incorporate Brunton’s final revisions. It includes a new foreword plus supplementary reading material selected from the author’s archives by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.

Foreword by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation
1. Prefatory
2. The Meaning of Mentalism
3. The Birth of the Universe
4. Studies in Dreams
5. The Metaphysics of Sleep
6. The Secret of the “I”
7. The Scorpion of Death
8. The Immortal Overself
9. The Shadows of Evil and Suffering
10. The War and the World
11. The World-Mind
12. The Unveiling of Reality
13. Initiation into Mystical Experience
14. The Yoga of the Discerning Mind
15. The Mystical Phenomena of Meditation
16. Some Fruits of Philosophy
Appendix: Additional Resources from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Compiled by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation Editors

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Release Date: 2015-05-26
Paperback 9781583949146
Ebook 9781583949153

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