Yoga Nidra Lullaby

Yoga Nidra Lullaby

Author: Rina Deshpande

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For readers of Good Night Yoga and I am Peace, a kids’ sleepy-time story for winding down, tuning in, and relaxing into better, deeper, and more restorative sleep.

The orange sun begins to sink. Skies are golden. Clouds are pink. What evening colors do you see?

Skies are clear. Moonlight glows. Blankets warm your legs and toes. Can you relax your whole body, from head to toe?

Beautifully illustrated with watercolor-style collage, Yoga Nidra Lullaby brings readers a mindful, rhyming story arc and series of progressive relaxation cues that help kids fall–and stay–asleep.

By first tuning into the sounds, sights, and smells of the outside world, then inviting readers to turn inward, author-illustrator Rina Deshpande draws on the yoga nidra practices she herself learned as a child, guiding kids to wind down, letting the day fall away and slipping into a deep, restorative sleep.

With each long breath in, each slow breath out, and every mindful attunement to outer surroundings and inner being, Yoga Nidra Lullaby is a dreamy invitation for kids to discover a haven of peace and calm–to relax and let go of the pressures and stresses of the day (kiddos have them too!).

The perfect introduction to yoga nidra for kids, Yoga Nidra Lullaby teaches readers that sleep is a practice that can be learned, and is a foundational building block for deeper sleep, mindful awareness, and lifelong practice. Yoga Nidra Lullaby includes a supplement that discusses the history of yoga nidra for readers who want to ground their practice within its origins and cultural context.

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ebook, hardcover

Release Date: 2022-11-01
Hardcover 9781623176976
Ebook 9781623176983

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