Slowing Down to Run Faster

Slowing Down to Run Faster

A Sense-able Approach to Movement

Author: Edward Yu

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A trainer and former triathlete shows you how to achieve the results you want with a new multidisciplinary approach

Why does trying harder sometimes become an exercise in futility? Why does following “expert advice” often lead to little or no improvement? What if there were an efficient way of learning that could be applied to every area of human experience? Drawing from the principles of Bagua, Taichi, and Feldenkrais, Edward Yu presents an innovative approach to running: power, speed, and agility are more related to your ability to sense your own body than to willpower or raw talent. Centering the art of running as an explorative, creative, and somatic-based practice, Yu shows us how to run faster by learning to become more sensible–that is, more sense-able–through the playful and systematic exploration of movement.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2020-06-30
Paperback 9781623174903
Ebook 9781623174910

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