Movement for Every Body

An Inclusive Fitness Guide for Better Movement--Build mind-body awareness, overcome exercise barriers, and improve mobility

Author: Marcia Dernie, DPT

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With humor, empathy, and expertise, a Black, femme, disabled, and neurodivergent physical therapist retraces their journey through a weaponized fitness culture, sharing an alternative path to honor all bodies and needs.

An inclusive, full-color guide to improving mobility, building strength, and increasing flexibility for every body and any size, shape, and ability

Here’s an idea: exercise should be enjoyable—not punishing, elitist, or overly competitive. Nor should gym work cause us harm or bring us shame.

Part exercise manual and part workbook, Movement for Every Body celebrates this approach and champions an inclusive movement practice for anyone who doesn’t fit the “typical” fitness mold and doesn’t wish to— who refuses burdensome narratives that tell them they’re broken and need to be fixed, cured, or mended to be whole.

With journaling and reflective prompts and activities; helpful tips covering accommodations, mobility aids, and self-advocacy strategies; and highly adaptable exercise demonstrations reflecting a broad range of body types, physical abilities, and mobility aids, Movement for Every Body provides the instruction and validation needed to redefine our approaches, goals, and pleasures around exercise and ability.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2024-08-13
Paperback 9781623179960
Ebook 9781623179977

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