Sacred Dance Meditations

Sacred Dance Meditations

365 Globally Inspired Movement Practices Enhancing Awakening, Clarity, and Connection

Author: Carla Stalling Walter Foreword by: Wendy Morrell

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Achieve balance, connect to Spirit, and tap into the sacred power of dance with 365 daily movement meditations.

Throughout human history, people all over the world have recognized dance as an age-old yet timeless connection to Spirit. In celebration, to mark moments of change, and in times of despair, dance has been used to seek the Divine, connect with the Earth, and call into being the sacred energy we each possess within ourselves.

In Sacred Dance Meditations, Carla Walter, PhD, offers readers 365 dances–one for every day–rooted in traditions from around the globe. From Polynesia to Peru, each dance is different in origin and technique but connected in common purpose: as sacred conduits for hope, love, connection, community, and spirituality. Walter provides a theme each new day, drawn from mystical and spiritual principles that originate from pre-colonial religious traditions. Descriptions, video links, accessibility modifications, and invitations for deeper reflection allow the reader to engage their Spirit fully with the sacred power of dance, carrying it in their heart as they move throughout each day.

Readers who want a more active style of meditative practice will discover powerful regenerative healing and a new way to awaken. Broken up day by day and month by month, Sacred Dance Meditations makes it simple and gratifying to practice each day’s dance and fulfill its intended theme. Readers can begin at any “point of entry” section, and work their way throughout the year with a time commitment of just ten to twenty minutes a day. Importantly, each dance is designed to supplement any existing (or non-existent) religious or spiritual practice, allowing all to tap into the Divine through the spirit of dance.

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